Hesed Fourroux

Do you ever talk about dreams you have for you future? Your health? Your home? Your family? Changing your world? Do you ever wish that you had the ability to make those dreams come true? 

Well, recently I found myself thinking about some of my dreams and I realized that pretty much all of them had something in common- they take money. I would need money to be debt free, support missions, buy quality foods and educate my kids... So I was faced with a choice, I could keep on hoping that money would somehow appear or I could change. I could take action to pursue my dreams.

But... But... But...

Thinking about how to change brought so many excuses: 

"But I have no time" "But I have 3 little kids" "But I am homeschooling" "But what if it doesn't work" "But what if I can't do it?" "But what if people think its foolish?"

Then I was reminded that the only thing more foolish then making this change was to stay the same. After all, the definition of insanity according to Albert Einstein is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

So here is my opportunity to change and to pursue my dreams, while helping people improve their lives with our great It Works! products. Whether it's losing weight and seeing results right away with our wraps, improving your health with our greens or defying age with our skin care products- I'm excited to serve you!

So, what are your dreams? Don't let your doubts stop you- let's do something different and change our lives together! 

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